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    newbie with premier pro on a mac and AVCHD


      hello all

      my head is swirling with all the info on this forum, so I'm hoping someone can answer a few questions.

      first my system - new macbook pro 2.4 ghz intel core 2 duo, 2 gb of ram, mac osx 10.5.5. I run in "hi performance" mode, for maximum video performance.

      premier pro CS4.0.0

      camera: canon hf11 vixia

      drive where I'm parking the video: g tech g raid 1 terrabyte, FW800.


      so people tell me that my system is plenty powerful enough to playback my vids in the timeline without stuttering.

      I'm shooting at 24p with the CINE preset on the camera. resolution is set at FXP, which is 1920x1080, 17 mbps.

      I copy the MTS files from the camera over to the raid in the finder. then I create a new project, and in the new sequence dialog, I select the AVCHD 1080 24p. the preset info is: For editing AVCHD Formats recorded in 1920x1080 square pixels (non-anamorphic). 16:9 progressive-scan 1080p HD video at 23.976 frames per second. 48kHz audio.

      so far so good

      I import the clips by selecting "import" in the file menu, then I direct it to the MTS files on the raid and clik import, they all come in no problem. I can dbl-clik them and they pop open a source window and playback pretty much with no problem (sometimes they take a few seconds to get going, but then they're fine).

      first problem is - the clips are listed as 29.97 in the project window.

      2nd problem, when I drag them into the sequence window and playback, they stutter.

      I'm guessing that because premiere thinks that they are 29.97 and my sequence is set at 24, it's trying to fix it as it goes and that's causing the stuttering. this might explain why they play fine in a source window, but stutter in a sequence window, even with no edits. but maybe I'm wrong.

      3rd problem - every time I do an export across a seam, it crashes, or only exports the sequence up to the edit, then stops. (the canon splits the video into 1.9 gig chunks, so you end up with multiple MTS files if it's a long clip).

      can anyone help?



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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First thing you should do is upgrade to CS4 4.1


          Then also run HDtach on your array and tell us what the average read transfer rate is for that device.

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            funkygh Level 1

            know of a utility like HD tach which runs on a mac?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Don't shoot the messenger because he is bearing bad news!


              Get a more powerful computer. The one you have is way underpowered for AVCHD material. Your processor is too slow, you do not have sufficient memory, your disk configuration is below standard. That about sums it up.


              Bet your salesperson never told you that next to the camera, you needed a new computer...?


              He is eagerly awaiting your return to the shop and has already prepared your order. All you have to do is sign and pay....


              PS. Even on 8-core Macs with 16 GB RAM, people are struggling with AVCHD.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As Harm points out, with AVCHD material, one needs a stout machine to edit smoothly. A Quad-core is considered the bare minimum. Dual-Quads is obviously better. More RAM is very good, and an improved I/O sub-system with a minimum of 3x internal fast HDD's is required. More, with proper allocation will help too. A RAID for the media files will not be overkill.


                With a minimum of 3x SATA II internals, I can easily edit to/from a FW-800 external. However, I am ONLY doing so with SD material. I'd not be doing so with HD, and would never probably attempt to do it with AVCHD material.


                The news is not good, but seems to be oft delivered with great regularity, regarding editing AVCHD material.


                Good luck,



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                  funkygh Level 1

                  thank you all so much for your help!

                  with all due respect gentlemen, the computer is not the problem.

                  I just performed a series of tests. using clips shot at 30fps 60i, and 30 fps progressive, I imported them into a new project with the correct sequence settings and did a bunch of quick edits+mashups. they play back like a charm, with itunes playing music AND a file transfer going on from a usb drive to the raid concurrently.

                  the problem is that premiere THINKS that the 24fps clips are 29.97, and they are not.

                  now I'm not denying I'm underpowered for full on pro video editing of avchd, but all I'm trying to do is a few simple edits, be able to watch them in the timeline, and export them...

                  I will try updating my software. if anyone has any other ideas, I will be forever in your debt.

                  thanks again


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                    KaiserBoy Level 1

                    Is he correct?  Does PPro get it wrong and therefore render a confused, choppy final clip of 24fps stuff?


                    I have seen the 29.97 designation for my Canon HF S11 24fps files, too, and as well the choppiness in the timeline/program monitor AFTER rendering.  This has nothing to do with computer power, as I, too, have had fine playback from 30p and 60i material.


                    So, we actually didn't address his point here, maybe being a bit too forward with our ideas of the massive power needed to do fast AVCHD work (is that a contradiction in terms?) and not reading carefully.