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    Flex ==> Socket ?!?!?!?!?

      I'v had this problem for a month and still haven't solved it.
      I am making a client that should listen for socket data and send socket data.
      I'm using xmlsocket
      the socket connects, sends messages
      but it won't receive any message
      no error , it's juust that the DataEvent.DATA event won't fire
      socket = new XMLSocket();
      socket.addEventListener(DataEvent.DATA , OnData);
      socket.connect("" , 8000);

      please help me fix this i really need to fix this problem.
      (Server works fine (tested with the C# client) )
      again, i can see the socket connected to my server , i can send data from my client to server, but i CAN"T receive data from the server
      public var socket:XMLSocket;