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    Need help, weird bug!!


      Hey all, this is my first time posting on these forums, I am fairly new to Director, and am making a basic program for my Software design class. (Due in 2 days!!)


      This is my problem, I was having trouble coding a button that i wanted to move on mouse enter and move back on mouseleave. I got that workign fine, however after rejoicing at my minor accimplishment, I went to try the entire program from the beginning and found that for some reason my movie would no longer play. I had the sound working fine, but the score would not go any further than frame 1.


      When i manually drag the curser thing along the script, i see the animation play fine, so it isnt a problem with that and when i manually go to a fram that loops, i can use buttons etc with no problems, its just that the movie itself WILL NOT PLAY.


      However when i go to the options and disable scripts, the movie plays fine, (Except the scripts dont work, obviously). This tells me it must be a problem with one of my scripts.


      Now I ask you all this in desperation, is there anything you can think of I may have accidentally included in my scripts that would stop the movies animations from playing? OR is there any thing i can do to work this out for myself??


      Also one more question how do i make a variable say for example Global "Boat" equal to the currently selected option in a list. As in one of the pre included flash component lists?? for instance a list with the labels 1,2,3,4,5 and the corresponding data 1,2,3,4,5??


      Thx any help mush appreciated.


      (Yes I know i also posted this int he other Lingo Forums, and i apologise, but i am desperate to get this problem sorted out)