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    Premiere Pro CS4 and Windows 7 - Blank Preview Window (DV Source)


      Hi, I work for a Microsoft partner company so we're now all up and running on the final release of Windows 7 64-bit (awesome OS by the way, I highly recommend it). I've since encountered a problem, however... I can import video from my DV camcorder OK and I can see it previewing as it imports, but if I then try to play any of the clips from the clip browser or drag them to the main sequence and try to play them, I just get a black window staring back at me (the sound plays fine).


      Before I click play I just get a greenish screen (is it teal?) rather than the first frame as expected. I've run CS4 on exactly the same hardware under Vista 64-bit and it works perfectly. I'm 99% sure it's not a codec issue as I can play the DV files manually in media player. I'm running the latest graphics drivers and windows updates, and have tried Premiere running as administrator, disabling my antivirus, and installing and uninstalling various codecs, but it's always the same!



      Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2GHz

      4GB RAM

      Intel 965 Express graphics (Driver


      Thanks for any help anyone can give!