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    Printing on 3 hole punch paper


      I occasionally need to print documents on 3 hole punched paper. In Word, I can adjust the margins and set "Mirror Margins" so that the margins are larger on the siede with the punches.


      There is something similar on the Finishing tab. If I change Booklet Layout to Left Edge Binding, I thought that might do the trick. However, as soon as I change Pages per Sheet from 2 to 1, Left Edge Binding goes back to Off!


      I cannot seem to find a way to do this in Adobe Reader. I tried reducing the size of the document ... but that works fine for only one side of the doc. In particular, the doc I just printed has graphs on it ... and the punches go through the graphs.


      I am currently using Adobe Reader 8. I also tried it on my machine with Adobe Professional 8 on it. Looks like it uses the same printer driver as Adobe Reader 8!


      Any ideas on how to do this? Is this functionality available in Adobe Reader 9?


      Thanks very much,