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    Licensing expired and Javascript errors

    Kristen Paquet

      Will try to make this short, but looking for any suggestions...


      Have CS3 Design Premium.


      Installation was over a year ago with no issues.


      About 6 months ago, I tried to open one of the programs and got a message about Licensing for the product being expired. I ran the Licensing recovery program and got only a few of the programs to open again (Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver). Some are still not working (Photoshop, InDesign). I went to uninstall CS3 as suggested by moderator from Adobe so I could run the CS3Clean script. When I try to uninstall, I a get the following message:


      Javascript Alert: Critical errors were fund in setup. Please see the Setup log file for details. I have no reference to incompatible payloads already being installed (as I saw in some solutions when I looked up in the error in adobe)


      So I am basically stuck. I can't get programs to open, but I can't uninstall CS3 so I can try to re-install. Any suggestions from anyone? I really need some help!

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          Dacait Level 1


          i belive ur using mac OS, u need to run cs3 clean script on level 2 and 4

          when u ll start cs3 clean script, it will be open in Terminal (one of mac application like DOS), it will ask for ur computer password, whenu ll type ur password it will not show what ur typing on the screen, so just put ur password and hit return key

          run the clen script on level 4 as well, it's not shown there (it's hiddenlevel)

          plz let me know if ur issue is resolved



          take care