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    Do I need reader extensions?


      Hello All:


      I have been trying to get a clear answer on this question for 4 weeks and my company has money they have to spend by friday but I do not want to get the wrong products. Here is my senario.I downloaded the trial version of Adobe pro 9.0 and created a form that grabs information from a database and populates the form with data based on choices from a drop-down list. Our company has about 200 users that all have adobe reader installed. We are all on the same network. I want them to be able to choose an item from the dropdown list and the rest of the form automatically populates several other fields with data from a database. Either SQL or Access. Once they run the form the information is no longer needed for senario number 1. Senario number 2 I want them to complete the form and submit the data to a database, again SQL or Access so that I can generate a report using data collected from the users. I have no problem with the form working on my laptop but since the users all have adobe reader they can not connect to the database from their desk top computers. I understand I might have to create a DSN from each machine. No big deal. If I purchase Adobe pro 9.0 to create the form with and then buy reader extensions for each user will this give me the results. We do not need users submitting data via the web as this is a military environment and outside access is not allowed. If there is a cheaper way to do this I am all ears. Thank you All.