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    Multiplayer game with Flash client?

    BG Solutions

      My friends and I are starting a side project to try and build a multiplayer game. Flash is the obvious choice for the client but we’ve been looking at possible options for the server side game engine. Does anyone have experience with www.SmartFoxServer.com? We don’t have expectations of recreating Warcraft, we don’t even want a twitch based game, something more like a simple strategy game with integrated chat (and possibly with real-time turns, like Evony) is more our style (and more realistic for a first project). I've got 10 years experience with Director/Shockwave, about a year (but with some big projects) with Flash/AS3, and one of group has about 10 years experience with .Net and DB design. Collectively, we have about 100 years of strategy game experience, so, while this is our first computer based game, we're not starting totally from scratch.