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    Alpha problem with buttons


      Hey, I've got  a psd I bring in to Catalyst with several layers. In Catalyst, I initially set the layers to an alpha of 60%. When I make one of these layers into a button, it does not change the actual transparency, but sets the current state as 100%. So once it's a button, I can't bring it back to totally opaque.


      If I reset the alpha to 100% before I create the button, then set it back to 60%, it's fine... if only I were clever enough to remember to do that :-P


      Is this a bug, or am I doing something stup naive?




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          acath Level 4

          Hi Kathy,


          The problem is that the content inside the button has one alpha setting, and the button has its own alpha setting. To set the alpha of the content inside the button, double-click the button. This takes you inside the button. Now select the content, and you'll see that it has 60% alpha.