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    Embeding Fonts from TTF File



      I had a very basic question on using Embeded Fonts in SWF files.

      I have to use a Italic effect on a Arail Font text, for this should I use ARIAL.TTF and apply the italic effect on it or Should I go for ARIALI.TTF file?

      What is the difference and which is the correct way of doing it?


      I am acutally working on a PPT to SWF converter and I am not able to match the look at feel of the Italic or Bold fonts in PPT and SWF, any suggestions where I should look for help on understanding how fonts are used?

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          Peter Farland Level 3

          You need to embed the ARIALI.TTF file and specify that it is an italic font face.



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            saurabhgsl Level 1

            Hi Peter,

                 Thanks for your reply.


                 I did some experimentation and found that I can embed the Arail.ttf file and apply FontStyle=Italic property in my MXML tag and it shows me a italic form of Arail font. But when I try to use the same embeded font using FontRange and specify FontStyle = Italic in font range the italic font is not shown on the UI. Why is there a difference in MXML and Font Range ?


                 I understand that I should use ARIALI.TTF file for Italic fonts but the problem is that it increases the size of my SWF. And even if somebody has used a italic style for couple of words it increases the size significantly. I want to avoid that.


                 Can you tell me why FontStyle on normal Embede font work from MXML and not from FontRange?