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    Flash Live Ticker Tape


      We would like to use a similiar ticker tape to the one on this site http://www.monex.com.  How would something like this be done in Flash?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          One way to do it is to create a movieclip for each different info element that will be in the piece and have code that places each piece x distance to the right of the preceding piece.  Then have some form of continuous code execution, such as enterframe event handling, decrementing the x property of each movieclip so that they gradually advance to the left.  The x position of each is monitored so that as soon as one's x value drops below a certain position (where it is off screen to the left), you take it and move it to the other end of the group.

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            javajaxx Level 1

            Thanks-I see how that would work. The part to this that I haven't figured out is how to get the live quotes like http://www.monex.com  has done into flash. We are looking to use daily precious metal quotes as exampled. Thank you.