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    Need to re-burn a DVD, but some source files are missing. But Media Cache folder has them all.

    capitaine cap

      hi all. I have PE3 and the issue is this: I needed a DVD of a project I'd completed a year ago, and I didn't have an old copy of the DVD. So I decided to re-burn it. But on opening the project, it seems some of the source files have been misplaced on my computer, so it says 'media offline'.


      I figured I'd still be able to burn it though, because the Media Cache folder contained all the required files...


      However it starts to burn the DVD and then stops at 49% saying transcoding error.


      Q1: can you still burn a DVD if it says 'media offline' but you know all the source files are present in the Media Cache folder?

      Q2: what's the transcoding error?