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    CS4 - Color Correction Bug with MPG2 export

    Andy Urtu Level 1

      I just want to verify this is a bug others are seeing before I submit the bug report.


      1. Create a new timeline of your choice, (size etc does not matter)  Make sure "maximum bit depth" is selected.


      2. Next, place a clip of your choice (HDV, AVCHD, or EX1) that has bright sceen in it so the IRE hits 110.


      3. Place the Fast Color Correction or Three way color correction effect on the clip.  Change somthing (like white balance or whatever)


      4. Export the clip to MPG2 BlueRay.  Any preset will do.


      5. Now bring the just exported M2V clip back into the project and place it on the timeline.  The max IRE value will be 100, not 110.


      6. If you do step 4 but export the H264 BluRay, the IRE will stay at 110.



      I was doing some CC and it was driving me crazy.