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    Will somebody please help me get started

    RichieWhite Level 1

      I've spent countless hours and still can't get past the setup wizard of Flash Builder 4 Beta with Coldfusion setup. I have coldfusion running on my local machine. If I go to http://localhost/bassfishing/test.cfm the test page works fine.


      Here's what I chose:


      Server type: Standalone

      Use default location for local Coldfusion server (it shows c:\coldfusion8 )

      Use built-in Coldfusion Web server (it shows webroot of c:\coldfusion8\wwwroot  and root URL of http://localhost:8500:)


      When I click the validate configuration button, I get the message:

      Cannot access the web server. The server may not be running, or the web root folder or root url may be bad.




      I can't find any help on this. Please help me get past this screen.