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    Releas build of flex projects with php code


      Folks i have developed a Flex project and it uses PHP as well. The details are that i have created a flex project with PHP as server side lanuage. Then i also used wizard to add a datagrid component that displays data from database (I am using WAMP)


      Now the problem is, i want to send the project to my friend in way that he executes it without any error.


      In normal flex applications, which dont use database, its easy!!


      But what do i do for flex applications that use database and i have used datagrid wizard.


      I sent my friend, the sql file, he imported it so Database is there


      But should i send both the project files and the files generated in webroot (wamp\www\project-debug). Even after doing it, the project is not running... how can i make a release build that runs on all windows platforms without having to do all these steps.. Is there any standarized way to do it ?? Can an exe file can be made that installs database itself??



      Please help