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    Inconsistent Skins from Upgrade to RH8

    Sally Cox ACP Level 3

      I've just upgraded RoboHelp 5 to verison 8. When I opened the project, I am encountering several issues. The skins are not consistent across the  project files. Also, the TOC is not showing up as content, but as an item. The TOC and Index topics are not consolidated either.


      I want the same look and feel (skin) across my project, and am wondering if I need to be looking at anything other than CSS?


      If I do end up attaching an external CSS, how do I remove the current RB-generated styling for the skins currently within RoboHelp to replace with an external CSS XML tag?


      Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          There can be more than one skin to select but a single project can only be generated using the skin you select in the wizard. Are you sure you mean skins?


          The TOC always was a separate item and never was content, unless you created a topic serving the same purpose. Upgrading would not have changed that.


          You've got me too on consolidated TOC and Index. They are separate and can only be so.


          When you talk about CSS and skins, I am beginning to think that you are referring to the appearance of topics which is CSS driven and not related to the skin.


          Clarify things and we can help. Use the camera icon above for you screen shots, don't use the attach option.


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