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    Premiere Pro 1.5 crashing on startup


      Windows XP Corporate Edition SP2

      2.83 Ghz Pentium core 2 quad

      896 mb Gigabyte Geforce 260

      Canopus DV-Raptor editing card


      So, I work as a contract wedding video editor from home, and the company I get contracts from requires me to use pro 1.5.1 with a dvRaptor plugin. However, after a recent hardware upgrade and subsequent reinstall of windows, I encountered the following issue. On first boot and install of Premiere, I could run and work with it perfectly. However, after a few days, it would crash to desktop when opening a project or loading the titlecg.dll plugin at the spash screen. Subsequent attempts to open it would result in the splash screen opening, and then immediately crashing to desktop.


      I reinstalled windows, and was fine for a couple of days, but then, after being away for a weekend, the exact same thing happened again. This is really frustrating and is costing me a lot of time. Is there anyone that can help?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Tell that company that if they require you to use the Raptor, that your budget needs to be tripled at least. Also tell them that the requirement to use the Raptor will lead to significant delays. The reason is that GV/Canopus NEVER got the drivers right for PP. I have used both the Raptor and the Storm and since PP 1.0 it was a nightmare, that they never fixed. Since they never got all the issues resolved, GV/Canopus no longer support Adobe.

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            SteelSamurai Level 1

            Unfortunately that's not even close to an option, at the moment. I get the bulk of my income from this company and am not in any sort've position to bargain with them, having only been doing contracts for them for the last couple months. Is it almost certainly the card, then?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Absolutely. But an alternative may be to pull the Raptor, and just use PR natively and don't tell them. There is nothing the Raptor can do, that can't be done with PR natively. Why are they so adamant about using the Raptor?


              I can't remember all the problems with the Raptor/Strorm cards, since it is very long ago. Maybe some of the posts about all the problems can still be found, but this may prove difficult, since they also have changed their forum software and a lot of older material vanished. A couple ot things were about clips previewing black, no image, timelines not being updated, colour distortions, hangs, and more of this weirdness.

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                SteelSamurai Level 1

                The main thing they use the card for are the realtime effects: PiP, color correction, chrominance, etc. In point of fact, the only thing I edit using 1.5 is wedding videos, and I color correct pretty much every 2-3 second clip in an hour long project. They are, apparently, slowly upgrading to CS4, but I really don't have an option but TO use the card until they get their act together on that. Reinstalling that OS (I have one for my personal use, and one dedicated solely for 1.5) isn't a really big deal, but it'll just be a pain if I have to do it every week or so.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Though I never used the cards, I recall many of the posts, to which Harm alludes. Good luck finding them, for the reasons mentioned.


                  Now, to test Harm's theory, you might want to check out Event Viewer, especially the Applications tab, after a failure to load. This ARTICLE will give you some pointers on what to look for. Might be a big clue in there, though you will likely have to sort through errors and warnings that are so cryptic, that no one alive could extract useful data. Just ignore them, and foucs on any error, or warning messages, with links. Follow each of those. May be something there that will help.


                  Good luck,



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                    SteelSamurai Level 1

                    I went ahead and reinstalled windows, eliminating the problem for now, since I really needed to get some work done on this project, but who knows when it'll be back?


                    The error report always mentioned Titlecg.dll on the initial crash. I tried renaming it, but it seems it's necesary for the program to run. Every time after that intial crash, the splash screen would come up, and then almost immediately disappear, with no record in the event log or trace in the task manager.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      It sounds like there could be an issue with Titler. Most issues with Titler have to do with corrupt fonts that are installed, though most errors do occur when launching Titler, not at the launch of the program.


                      Good luck,