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    Migration to flex 3.3



      I am migrating a project from Flex 2.0.1 to Flex 3.3 (very behind I know - should I go straight to Flex 4?).

      Anyway, I installed the Flex 3.3 SDK, including the data visualisation components, recompiled the application and all ran fine, using LCDS 2.5.1 and JRUN 4. (I am not using Flex Builder).

      Then I added references to AdvancedDataGrid in ActionScript code in my application and tried to recompile. These references were undefined. What else do I have to download and install to be able to use the Advanced DataGrid in ActionScript?

      I tried to install LCDS 2.6.1 with Tomcat, but there didn't seem to be an option to run it with JRUN 4 and my application will not run with it at present.

      I am confused. Can anyone help please?