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    Scripting Help needed




      I need a help regarding scripting in Acrobat.

      I have to create a form where user:

      1. Selects the option from drop down list

      2. Enter a numric data into the text field

      3. User when clicks on the button provided it should display the result in the text box near the button


      Can anybody help me in writing this script in Adobe Acrobat



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You need to create a custom JavaScript in the MouseUp event of the button that sets the value of the text field. Something like:


          this.getField("kitNumber").value = this.getField("Style").value + "-" + this.getField("Size").value + "-" + this.getField("CC").value + "-" + this.getField("number").value;


          Of course, you'll need to adjust the fields' names and formatting of the final string.