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    Dynamic images and text flow


      Hi all,

      I have a project where I'm loading some HTML into an HTML-enabled dynamic textbox, along with some images, using the img tag.


      The problem I have is that no matter what I do, the text tries to flow down one side of the image (depending on whether I have the image set to align 'left' or 'right'). I don't want this. I want the text to sit under the image, not flow around the side.


      I've tried everything I can think of, and I just can't seem to achieve this.


      Does anyone have any clues?


      Thanks in advance,


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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          You could put the image in a <p> tag and give it a left or right margin, or both. You might try <br clear="all"> before the text. You might try adding an additional graphic using a 1 pixel image and define the image's width to take up the needed space. You might try using <span> tags around the image and the text.

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            branchus Level 1

            All tried, all unsuccessful.


            Thanks for the input though, they're all good suggestions.



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              branchus Level 1

              I believe I have found my own answer. This seems to do the trick:


              <textformat leading="myimageheight" rightmargin="mytextboxwidth"><img src="myimage.jpg" width="myimagewidth" height="myimageheight" /></textformat>


              Where "myimageheight" is the image height in pixels, and "mytextboxwidth" is the width of the dynamic text box you are loading the image into.


              I hope this helps someone else.