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    resourceManager switching locale and timing


      Hi all,


      I have a fairly large website, written in flex (and as3). The site has a language comboBox which switches all NON-user-generated-text from one language to another.


      My resource file has close to 1300 lines.


      All locale-switching and loading is done with resourceManager.


      All is working OK. BUT, sometimes, not all text is reloaded and you get a blank line, instead of a text-one after switching locales, also when the first page is loaded, sometime, not all text is displayed.


      I am listening for the loadResourceModule complete event, which tells me that the resource file for the language is loaded. This is not enough, I need an event which tells me that all text is re-displayed on the screen with the updated language.


      Has someone encountered this problem ?. I should also mention, that it happens from somesystems, and not from others running the same browsers versions.