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    Choppy Automatic Recording and FMR using IE7




      I am experiencing very bad staggered recordings using both Automatic Recording and FMR using the internet. We have an extranet which is hosted on the web and when playing the projects back, the screen captures are not syncing with the text boxes, radio buttons, searching etc. which is being demonstrated.


      I have attempted a number of solutions: switching off all application which are running at the same time; running only one session of IE; disabling the accelaration hardware in Captivate.


      I hope this makes some sense, and eagery await a resolution to this... (if possile!)





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          M_Anand Level 3

          Hi 5V3N,


          I am not sure if i got your issue. Will it be possible for you to do the following in order to help us resolve your issue:

          1. Specify the URL of the application you are trying to record on.

          2. If possible can you send across your corruped project.




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            Scout's mom Level 2


            Are you relying only on Captivate's automatic recording?  If so, recapture and use Print Screen.


            Here's my advice.  Interactions usually have three states: before, during and after.  For instance, if you're capturing a button click, Print Screen before you click, Print Screen as you click and hold the button down, and Print Screen again when you release.  When you drive the capturing, you get much cleaner results.


            When you finish capturing, delete anything 'helpful' that Captivate did for you.  (The problem is that Captivate will sometimes autocapture before the screen refreshes, etc.)  You have to cut/paste click boxes, too, because you want the click box on the 'before' slide, not on the 'during' slide, but Captivate only knows what you HAVE clicked not what you want the user to click.


            I hope this makes sense.


            Leslie Bivens

            E-Learning Developer/Captivate Coach