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    Saving vectorial-formatted PDF files within Flex

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      Hi! I have to cope with vectorial-formatted PDF files generating within my Flex application, directly downloadable or viewable.
      I think it could have 2 main solution-types:
      - make PDF outputs on server side (with AlivePDF or LifeCycle solutions)
      - using FlexPrintJob-like function, redirecting print works on an on-line PDF printer (Is it possible? How?)

      I know AlivePDF or LifeCycle can be used, dealing with templates and creating PDF-outputs (for instance using hi-res PNG or JPEG snapshots), but how about creating vectorial view on objects [or object group(s)]?
      Can we extend the FlexPrintJob class, or using something else, which handles re-usable vectorial view?

      What is the best way to cope with this issue?
      Thanks in advanced!