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    Sound doubling

    Linda B.

      I'm using Captivate 3 to create videos.  When I preview the video (it's about 2:30 minutes long), everything sounds fine.  When I publish the video, starting from the 5th slide the sound doubles - meaning the audio plays and about a half-second later the same audio plays - so you get sound doubling.  This phenomena stops at the 15th slide and the sound returns to normal (one voice.)  I'm not sure what is causing this or how to stop it.  Any suggestions?

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          Scout's mom Level 2



          Delete unused items from the library, and try it again.  If that doesn't fix it, send me your file and I'll take a look.


          Leslie Bivens

          E-Learning Developer/Captivate Coach


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            Linda B. Level 1

            I had already deleted the unused "stuff" (I'm a fiend for keeping the unneeded bits out of the final product!)  What I finally did to fix it was re-record the slide where the first problem occurred (slide #5).  Luckily I'm in the habit of entering the text onto the slide, so it was just a matter of re-reading it.  Once I fixed the sound on slide #5, the rest of the slides seemed fine.  It had affected the project from slide 5 to the end (slide #14.)


            Thanks for the assistance.  I really appreciate the offer.


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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi there


              Linda B. wrote:


              I had already deleted the unused "stuff" (I'm a fiend for keeping the unneeded bits out of the final product!)


              While I'm sure it makes you feel better to do it, it's always been my understanding that only the bits that are actually used end up in the final product.


              I've always viewed the Library as being similar to a pantry in my kitchen. Sure, I might have Green Beans, Rice and Tomato Sauce sitting on the pantry shelf, but if the recipe I used was for a cake, those elements aren't included in the cake.


              Just to double-check myself to ensure I was understanding things correctly, I created a blank three slide project. I published it. The SWF was 355KB.


              I then added about 5 megs of audio to the Library and published again using a variation on the name. The resulting SWF was 355KB.


              Cheers... Rick



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                Scout's mom Level 2

                Linda.  Ahhh.  The old gremlins-in -the-object problem.  Glad you were able to solve it. --Leslie