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    Save PDF or Get XML of Unbound Form Data

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      We're working on a project where we have a LiveCycle form that is bound to a schema.  We also have access to LiveCycle ES Forms and ES Output services.


      When a LiveCycle form is accessed, we send our current applications XML and the Form Template to the ES Forms service, to get our partially filled-out LiveCycle form for end-user display.


      The user then fills-in any remaining information and "Saves" the form, at which point we extract the XML using XFA locally (with SaveXML()) to write any changes to the database.


      Here is the issue we're having -

      We need to be able to take a copy of the filled-out PDF file to save it (all user-entered data included) to a file share, so we have a complete record of the form information that was filled out.  Some of the fields on these forms are not bound to our schema, because they might be fields that don't exist in our database, but still need to be filled-out on the form and saved to PDF.


      The SaveXML() only returns schema-bound fields, so if we call the Output service with the original template and our XML result, we don't have any of the unbound fields.  Additionally, our users are using Acrobat Reader, so they're not able to "Save forms with data".


      Given the services we have available, and LiveCycle's capabilities - what can we do to "Save PDF"... just so we can capture that entire PDF file that was filled-out by a user??


      Thanks in advance for any guidance,