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    Cant Install?


      Downloaded the Adobe Flash CS4 Professional trial on my computer. I have the following in my laptop:


      3 gigs of ram

      250 gig hard drive

      Windows Vista Home

      2 gig process


      I have successfully installed Dreamweaver CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended on my laptop, but for some reason, I can't seem to install Flash CS4 on my laptop.


      I've downloaded the files directly from Adobe. I've used the Adobe extractor to extract the files to the standard folder. I've gone into the folder and I've right clicked on the setup and run the setup file as an administrator (though I'm the only one on the laptop and its chief administrator) and gone through the motions, but for some reason, it stops responding at the screen that tells you it's "Preparing to Install" and doesn't move any further. I let it run for 7 hours last night while I was asleep because I know it takes a while to install these files but it never moved. I woke up and clicked on the screen to see what was going on and found out that it had stopped responding. I've done everything the knowledgebase says to do to rectify installation problems, but none of it has worked so far.


      Some other things that you'd need to know is that Adobe Flash CS4 Professional is listed in my control panel under "add/remove programs" but every time you try to uninstall it, it just reloads the loader and hangs on the screen for Preparing to Install again. Can anyone please help me get Adobe Flash CS4 Professional installed on my laptop please so I can begin to enjoy the program like I enjoy Dreamweaver and Photoshop!!!

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          marer1976 Adobe Community Professional

          I know what you mean because I had the same problem with Fireworks....


          I even posted a message on the forum and people replied me that it does happen..... And I couldn't run it or uninstall it although I could see it in my Add/Remove Programs...


          I finally tried to install it on a different machine and it went flawlessly so I assume it could have something to do with my Vista (the other machine was Xp). Some people on the forum said it happens on Vista, some bugs...

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            teknozwizard Level 1

            I figured out what it was. Theres a small flaw in vista that prevents adobe software (such as flash, dreamweaver, etc) from installing if connected to the net wirelessle. Now, im not sure if its just my machine or not, but i turned off my wireless network and took my laptop off the network and it installed flawlessly. Maybe theres something to it!



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              marer1976 Adobe Community Professional

              Good to know. I will try that next time I have any trouble with adobe apps.