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    Solution to hang/freeze/stop at "Burning To Folder"


      I have video recorded on a Cannon HF100 in 1080p on SDHC 16 gb cards. I transferred it to my computer. Sony Vaio SZ680 32bit Vista, SP2, Dual Core 2 Duo CPU T7700 1.4 GHz, 2 GB ram memory.


      I have worked through the PE7 hangs and crashes by saving my project often and restarting PE7 when necessary.


      My project consists of about a dozen video clips and a dozen stills with a dozen transitions, and narrations. Total 20 minutes. I have compiled it into NTSC DVD Widescreen and the movie plays beautifully on the computer. The same is true when I compile it to HD 720p 30.


      The hang up comes when I try to "Burn to Folder." It compiles the DVD Menus and the movie into a folder but then when it begins to "Burn To Folder" it just hangs. I have let it stay at this point twice for over 6 hours (9 hours the second time) and no further progress is made.


      I shut down Norton Anti-virus and windows defender and rebooted making sure they were still turned off as well as the wifi.


      Then I tried burning to folder again. Same result.


      Then I cut the video down to 10 seconds. Burn worked perfectly.


      So I rebooted and cut the video to 2.5 minutes. Burn hung at Burning to Folder again.


      So I compiled the project to NTSC DVD Widescreen and used the MPG rather then my fragmented project with all of its narrations and transitions as the project source file.


      Using this one file as the source for my project I tried to burn DVD to folder again and it hung up at "Burn to Folder"


      I cut this down to 1 minute and rebooted and tried to Burn to Folder. Hung up.


      I used the 30 second loop video that I made from the above video and stills with added background music as the source for my movie and tried burning this movie to folder and it worked perfectly.


      So I cut the single movie down to 13.5 seconds. Burned perfectly.


      So I added the 30 second loop movie to the 13.5 seconds. It hung up again at Burn to Folder. Yet I was using two clips. One 13.5 seconds, the other 30 seconds, both of which worked perfectly but together PE7 could not complete the Burn to Folder operation.


      This movie is 1.2 gigs. I have 47 gigs of available disk space. The disk is a Hitachi HTS722020K9SA00 ATA.


      I'm running out of things to try. Please Help...