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    Filling in Forms with Adobe Reader 9


      I'm working on filling in a form, designed by the IRS, for one of my clients.  I'm using Adobe Reader 9, and the form has been assigned document rights, allowing me to fill in the appropriate fields.  There are several multi-line fields in the document, for addresses and other contact information, and the default font size is too large for many of these fields to be fully displayed when printed.


      I've attempted to use the properties toolbar I've seen suggested by other users, but when the text is selected, the box either tells me that no selection has been made or simply displays my logon for the company network as having authored the document.


      Is there a way to actually make this text fit in the allocated boxes so that it is fully displayed when I print the document for submission to a government agency?  Why doesn't Adobe make this feature more easily accessible?  I've seen many problems/complaints related to this issue within this, and several other releases of Adobe's product.  Any insight is appreciated.