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    Flash Builder appears brutally slow compared to Flex3

    bigredsound1 Level 1


                Flash Builder appears real slow in source mode as compared to my Flex 3 install.  I am just trying to do some basic tutorials that I have in a book and every time I type something in Flash Builder source code, it seems to chew on it a real long time.  I do not have this issue in Flex 3. I downloaded the stand-alone version of Flash Builder and in this installation I also put Coldfusion Builder 9 as well. On the Flex3 side, I have CFECLIPSE and APTANA running over on my stand alone Flex 3 install. 



      Adobe, I would appreciate your suggestions.  Should I scrap my install of Flash Builder and reload it

      Flex 3 install is on my C drive where Flash Builder is on my F drive(space considerations).