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    Using Web Server During Development


      I'm in need of some hand holding.


      I'm trying to get my head around this whole personal web server thing, but not sure where to look for guidance.


      I started learning Flex a couple of months ago, but when it got to the point of installing and using ColdFusion along with Flex Builder, Quicktime tutorials, browser, Apache, mySQL, and whatever else I might need, my system just couldn't handle it all.


      So, I off-loaded all of the server stuff, LAMP and ColdFusion, onto a seperate system connected to a new home network. I've never done any of this before but, after lots of trial and error, I've now got it all set up. My intention is to use it as a Flex development environment while I'm learning this stuff.


      But my problem comes in when trying to use the New Flex Project wizard. I have no idea how to fill out the locations for the web server and ColdFusion root folders. This was easy when it was all located on my local machine, but now that it's all on a seperate server machine, I'm at a loss.


      Is it that I need to change the way I think about development, and practices used, when using an outside web server? If so, then how do I deal with the requested locations in the wizards?


      Any help would be deeply appreciated, I'm at a standstill right now.



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          Well, since nobody here (a supposed Flex 'experts' forum) seems to know how to deal with Flex accessing a remote server, I figured it out on my own and have received confirmation.


          For those who need an answer and find this post:


          In the "New Flex Project" wizard where it asks for the location of your web server and ColdFusion root folders:


          You need to map drives on your development machine to those locations on your server. Then use these mapped drives in the wizard.