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    P Pro CS4

    hotphoto Level 1

      Is it necessary to export your edited version to a new .avi file or just to say export to mpeg right away?

      Is there any difference in doing it either way. Of course both situations have been rendered before hand.

      What are your thoughts?


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Is their an overriding deterrence to get a proper education first?


          The answer is, what do you think about the current policy and if so, why not?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This will depend on exactly what you want to do. If you are going to a DVD-Video with Encore, you can probably dispense with either and just use Adobe Dynamic Link to get your Sequences into Encore.


            If you are going, instead, to Import into Encore (no DL), then you could do either. DV-AVI Type II will Import and Encore can Transcode to MPEG-2 for the DVD-Video. If you wish, you could also do the Export as MPEG-2 (make 100% certain that you have all settings to make it DVD-compliant).


            Now, if you wish to deliver some other way, that will dictate what to choose.


            If you can give the specifics of how you intend to use the Exported file, someone can direct you as to the best way, format/CODEC to use.


            Good luck,



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              hotphoto Level 1

              "A highbrow is a person educated beyond his intelligence."


              Thx Harm.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Harm means well, and contributes mightily to this forum. His points can be very valid, but I am with you, in that I often have to work with less-than-ideal assets, etc., so I can relate a bit more to users, who do not have a perfect workflow. For me, this would mean sending many clients packing.


                I also keep a "newbie" attitude, as I help out on the PrE forum a lot. Most users there are just beginning their first experience with any NLE program. I have to put my responses into their frame of reference. Many here have been with PrPro and Pr (non-Pro) for decades, and assume that all know the programs, as well as they do. I have the latitude of going between accomplished users and those who just bought their very first NLE, and cannot get anything to work.


                Please do not discount Harm's contributions. I learn something from him each day, and greatly appreciate each and every tid-bit.


                Now, I am a book-person, so I never have an application that I do not get/buy a manual for, and then spend days reading same. Though I love techincal journals, I have to admit that they do not read like Faulkner. Some, want to jump in and do. That is my second-line, after emersing myself in the manuals. Others, want tutorials first and then maybe the manuals, or exploration. It differs, person to person.


                In closing, do not be too hard on Harm. He knows what he speaks of and knows it all very well. He's a man of few words, and I am one of many. Hey, different styles.


                The biggest plus is that you got something to help you. That is what the Adobe forum is all about - at the end of the day.


                Please do not hesitate to drop in with any question. Someone here knows the answer. In years here, there have been so very few problems, that have not been solved.


                Good luck,



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                  hotphoto Level 1

                  Hello, I have been editing now for heck I don't know, maybe 12 to 15 years, started with 6.0 then with 6.5 up to pro cs4 which was a big jump. I have read the manuals, not cover to cover and not every minutae and I use the HELP function a lot.

                  But I just had a simple question that I have been pondering for sometime and I feel it is one of those type of questions you just can't find in a manual easily.

                  So I feel a forum is a simple way of doing this with a simple answer to my question.

                  Yes it is better to do this or do that, that's all, don't need a detailed answer to all the intricies of why or why not.

                  It's like if I ask if it is a good thing to change the oil in my car like the manufactuer suggests or can I say stretch it to double that.

                  Why I might get an anwer back that it depends on the oil used and the type of car. Fair.

                  But I am not looking for the intricate workings of the engine, the settings for this or the pinging or knocking of that and torque and whatever.

                  I am not a newbie by any stretch when it comes to editing but I am a newbie and I think there are many of us who struggle with all these new types of files and what to convert to what and what setting is good for that.

                  I might be the greatest racecar driver in the world but wouldn't know how to change and setup the sparkplugs and timing of the engine.

                  We all need to fill in the learning curve for ourselves and these type of forums are a good place for that.

                  Something I might alread know I can contribute and who knows if I learn something here I can pass it on.

                  If a question seems like a dumb question to you, don't answer it, heck no one has to answer it.

                  There are other forums or yes I could do a test and export it both ways and see if there is a difference I guess but I thought why not ask and save the time and expence.

                  Thx all for all your help.