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    Flash Player 10 performance issue IE8 | FireFox 3.5

    Grootlicht Level 1



      Not long ago I released ActionScriptPainter 2: http://painter.grootlicht.com


      The AS3 application is running smoothly in FireFox (3.0 and 3.5) but the performance in Internet Explorer 8.0 is about 3/4 times slower. The core of the application is running on a Timer event. I allready tried running it on a ENTER-FRAME but that just slowed both versions down (IE and FF). The only thing I can imagine is that the ActiveX version (IE) is slower in drawing/rendering Bitmaps(?)


      Has anyone of you have similair experiences with slower performance in Internet Explorer?



      Ivo van de Grift

      Grootlicht Interactive Design