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    RH7 crashes on create Project


      I have scanned existing discussions and found some similarities, but not exact problems.  if I missed the right post, i apologize for the new post in advance.



      I have just installed RH7 onto my pc.  Everything appears to work well, I can edit htm files, But, when I attempt to create a new project or open an existing one.  When I attempt to create a new project, it begins to build then i receive the lovely application has encountered a problem and needs to close.  send report, results nothing.  When I attempt to open existing I receive RoboHelp was unable to load database.  One post said to deleate the xpj from the folder then try to re-opent the project, there is no xpj in the folder, and there are no hidden files or folders.



      As a trial, I download the trial RH8, works great.  my boss will not upgrade yet because I have not been able to reach tech support for a week now, and the hold music is getting old.  anyway.



      I attempted to upgrade the RH7 project into RH8 and it could not upgrade a some files.  I then extract HTML to source, then I was able to access the complete source of the project and compile into a new chm.  RH7 is still not able to open a exttracted source project.



      I have read some forums that refer to RH7 requiring MS Word.  I know that RHx5 requires it, which we have upgraded from X5 to RH7. I was wondering if this could be a culprit since my company now only uses OpenOffice.  The last time this app was used was a few years ago when we did run MS Office.


      Thanks for any assistance.