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    Use hungarumlaut in PDF?




      I have a weird problem. I created a PostScript file where I wanted to use letters using hungarumlaut (like o", O", u", U"). So I duplicated ISOLatin1Encoding dict and I changed four letters to Ohungarumlaut, Uhungarumlaut, ohungarumlaut, uhungarumlaut (according to the ISO Latin 2 encoding (ISO-8859-2)). If I print it on any printer it looks right.


      I converted this ps file to pdf using ps2pdf. If I open the file in xpdf is looks right. But if I open it in AcrobatReader these letters look okay, but the letters stuck together. It looks like like the character spacing is too much condensed for these 4 letters.


      Could anyone help me what can be the problem? What should I check or do to avoid thes problem? The PS file is okay based on the printers, the pdf file is okay based on xpdf, but acrobat reader has some problem with it...


      Thank You in advance!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It is hard to know if the problem is with your font or with the program you are using to create pdfs. The typography forum can help you with issues related to font construction. It sounds as if there is a problem with I forget the proper terminology, but the font box. There may be problems with how your kerning is set.

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            Stalker2009 Level 1



            Thank You for Your answer. I think this is not a font construction related question. The ps file is correct on the printer and the pdf file is correct with xpdf. I already tried to get contacted to ps2pdf project, but they did not see any problem in the generated pdf file.


            The most possible I made a mistake in the ps file or there is some problem in AdobeReader. But I'm not able to detect which is the real problem. :-(



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              Stalker2009 Level 1

              I tried to define Xgrave instead of Xhungarumlaut. It works nicely.I tried Times-Roman and Helvetica, but both do the same with hungarumlaut. :-(


              So there should be some problem with the Adobe reader look for fonts. In the pdf file it can be seen


              /PathLoad => (/stringtype) /usr/share/ghostscript/fonts/n019003l.pfb


              Maybe xpdf can find this path, AdobeReader can not.


              Any other clue?

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                Stalker2009 Level 1

                Oh, my Godness!


                I tried "[/Arial /Arial-Bold /Arial-Italic /Arial-BoldItalic]" and it works! Definitely Adobe Reader can not detect the correct shape of the basic fonts on Windows! Times-Roman and Helvetica is supported by almost all PostScript printers and xpdf, but not AdobeReader... :-(((