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    Premiere Pro CS4 on Mac: Can't play media anymore


      Hi experts,


      I'm in huge trouble with my Premiere Pro CS4 (latest version, all updates installed) on the Mac platform:


      Until I tried to record an audio track with the built-in microphone, everything worked fine. But since then, Premiere Pro is unsuable . It won't play  any media file (video or audio) anymore: whenever I try to start the playback (no matter what media and no matter in which monitor) Premiere just does nothing at all.


      The problem exists since Premiere Pro crashed when I tried to record audio with the built in mic. I can reproduce the crash when ever I try to capture audio again: the error message points to line 2329 in the module "CoreAudioHost.cpp" (to be precise: /Ironside/4.0/MediaCore/MediaLayer/AudioSupport/Macke/Mac/../../Src/Mac/CoreAudioHost.cpp -2329)


      I reinstalled the application but the problem still exists. And I checked all the settings in the preferences panel -- but they seem to be alright.


      I really have no idea what to do. Hopefully, anybody of you has?


      Any help would be gladly appreciated.





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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Is Soundflower installed on your system?  It has known crashing conflicts with Soundbooth, so those may spill over to Premiere as well.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I've not heard of the program that Jeff asked about, but iSight (there are two - one free and one for pay), that uses the Web-cam, whether built-in, or add-on, has been known to cause issues for PrPro. Most were with regards to Capturing from a FW attached camera, but there were others, as well.


            Good luck,



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              illergeek Level 1

              Hi Jeff, Hi Hunt,


              thank you for your replies.


              The program Jeff talks about (Soundflower) is not installed on my machine, but since I use an 24" iMac, it comes with a built-in iSight camera. However, it didn't cause any problems with Premiere Pro so far. Everything worked well.


              When I use the audio and video hardware with other applications (other than Premiere Pro and Soundbooth) eveything still works fine.


              What's a little bit strange to me is, that even a reinstallation of the software (Premiere Pro) didn't fix my issues.




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                Bob Ramage Level 1

                I'm using PPro on my Mac and I don't have the file that is causing you problems. My file structure also looks completely different, with different names for folders. Odd. Are you using any 3rd party plugins?

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                  illergeek Level 1

                  Hi Bob,


                  no, it's not a Beta, it's the full version of PPro as it comes bundled within my Master's Collection of CS4. And I'm not using any 3rd party plugins either.


                  I don't think that the file is present on our machines, Bob. The file extension ".cpp" seems to me like a reference to the source code file (written in the programming language C++, since this is what "cpp" stands for). I have a programming background, and therefore I think, the error message isn't meant to be useful for the end user (like us) but for the engineers while they're developing.


                  But today, I could narrow down my problem a bit. The playback is working again: the problems were caused by some messed up audio *output* settings. I think, PPro messed them up when it crashed several times. I reset them all and now the playback works fine again.


                  However, I still can't record: neither with Soundbooth CS4 nor with PPro. The software won't recognize my *input* settings. The error message I gave in my previous post still occurs as soon as I press the little microphone button in PPro's Audio Mixer. And Soundbooth just does *nothing* at all when I try to record. But every other tool (iMovie, Audacity) works fine with my Mac.


                  As a workaround, I record my audio with Audacity, import the file to PPro and be up and running. But if somebody of you has faced similar problems, I would appreciate your solutions.


                  Regards and Thank you



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I was about to ask about your Audio Hardware settings, but you beat me to it.


                    Now, as for your mic, my guess would be that there is a mismatch there, as well. Not being a Mac-guy, you probably have ASIO Input & Output settings that will be Greek to me. Still, if you list them, then maybe a Mac-person will recognize a problem.


                    Good luck,



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                      SteveKer Level 1

                      Just wanted to say that I was having the same issue.  No video playback whatsoever, timecode didn't move although the playback icon showed an arrow not the square.  I altered my Audio Hardware / Output preferences, saved them, then changed them back to what they were in the first place, and everything started working normally (although I haven't attamepted any capturing at all yet).

                      • 8. same problem

                        i seem to be having a similar problem running PPro in a similar environment except i have imported a file from photoboth and the file will not play in Ppro maybe a split second  i followed the advice about changing hardwear settings and got an error message "/randal/MediaCore/MediaLayer/AudoioSupport/Make/mac/../..Srcmac/CoreAudioHost.cpp-536" same error different line i think any suggestions

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                          Hate to bump an old thread, but I'm new to Pr and am also experiencing the same problem and was wondering if anyone had any solutions?

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                            designerphill Level 1

                            i never did find a solution and i did try there is another thread which i started were some more experience then me tried to offer some advice but in the end i just reinstalled the whole creative package as just isolating the problem programmes them being premier and sound booth didn't work i didn't uninstall first just wrote over the top not had the problem since


                            hope this helps still would like to know what it was and why it happened so i can avoid it in future



                            • 11. try here?

                              may I suggest looking in this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/565659?tstart=0


                              There are now a number of us reporting these playback problems, both on Mac and Windows based systems.

                              I posted a screenshot as well as a screen capture of the issues I am experiencing - try checking them to see if you are having the same thing.


                              I feel your frustration.