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    Arranging objects and layers!


      I know how to arrange a layer in front of another and an object in front of another, but how do I go about doing this without needing so many layers!


      Let's say my stage has 5 figures, 2 trees and a crate on the screen.


      That's a total of 8 layers (one object per layer).


      Now, how can I place my 5 figures in the same folder if when they're walking, some are displayed in FRONT of the trees, and some are displayed BEHIND the trees.


      The only way to do that is to arrange the layer above or below whatever layers need to be in front/back of the trees. But if my 5 figures are inside a folder, then doesn't that mean I would need to put my tree layers inside my "figures" folder as well??? The tree layer would only be able to go ABOVE my "figures" folder, or BELOW it if it was not inside of that folder. So there's really no point in using my folders if I can't keep my objects organized.


      If someone understands what I'm trying to say, do you have a solution? I really need help with this because right now it seems like I'm going to need a layer for A LOT of items in my animation and if I can't organize them AND arrange them on the stage to show who goes behind what item, then I don't know how it would be easy at all to make an animation with so many layers.