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    How does JSP return XML data, using HTTPRequest

    jherr22 Level 1

      I am in an MXML project.

      I am using:












      I sucessfully returned and displayed data from that XML file (emp.xml).


      My web-site is built on  JSP and Java beans.

      I would like to call the JSP, which would call the beans, and return XML data, which then JSP would return to my application.

      And, I suppose that I would use (in my HTTPService tag):



      Here is the skeleton of:   xml.jsp.

      What should it really look like to make this work?

      <jsp:directive.page import="myApp.JavaClass" />
      <jsp:useBean id="APP" scope="session" class="myApp.JavaClass" >
      <jsp:setProperty name="APP" property="*" />
      </jsp:useBean >
      <head><title>My Title</title></head>
      <form name="myform" method="post">

        String myXML = APP.getXML();



      So, the string myXML now has the XML data, but how do it get it back to my HTTPRequest result??


      ---- john