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    Presenter Notes Tab:   displaying for spaces

    BillG-Seattle Level 1

      I have a presentation in which some users are reporting that, on Presenter's Notes tab, the characters   are appearing in every location in which the text has a space. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a workaround? Presenter seems to pull the text from the viewer.xml file...but I hate to start playing around with that file for every presentation I publish if there's a easy solution. Thanks! Bill

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          Hi Bill ,


          I tried it but spaces are coming fine in my case . Can you share the file ?



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            robva65 Level 2



            I hate to have to do this, but I have to ask a stupid question: what version of Presenter are you using?


            This used to be a major problem with Breeze 5.1 following Adobe's patch/fix for the Flash Player 8 problem that a lot of folks encountered, and it even continued to be a hassle with Presenter 6 in some cases.


            Regardless, one thing you need to double check is the viewer.xml file that is created as a result of the publishing process.  Using a program like Notepad, take a look at that doc, what you should see is all of your slide notes content from the PowerPoint environment showing up in the xml doc.  And to go one step further, check to see that the <notes> tag has it's value isHTML set to true, so it reads like this:


            <notes isHTML="true">


            If you see "false" in there,  you're going to need to globallly replace that value.  In Notepad for example, you can hit Control-H and replace isHTML="false" with isHTML="true"


            If it turns out that the isHTML value is already set to "true", be sure that you have the latest 7.02 patch installed and see if that rectifies the problem.





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              BillG-Seattle Level 1

              I am using Presenter version 7.0.2 Build 7464. Per my original post, I did check the viewer.xml file and those code characters are in the file. The html value is set to true. The odd thing here is that the course is already in distribution nationwide and the vast majority of users have no problem, but there are several reports of the notes displaying these characters rather than the spaces. I guss I will need to manually amend the xml file...but that seems like a tremendous, time-wasting workaround and I'm surprised that more Presenter developers aren't encountering the issue.

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                robva65 Level 2



                I would't recommend amending anything at this point.  What are the chances that this is related to the version of the Flash Player installed on your user's systems?


                If the majority of your users are not experiencing any problems, then I'd have to start with the basics of technical specifications, and that means comparing notes as to who has what installed. By "distribution nationwide", does that also mean that everyone viewing your content is behind a firewall?  Are the problems being reported by common individuals? Meaning, that is the problem only with remote folks (assuming that you have some individuals on a corp. network and others are outside of that)?  Is there a mix?