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    PP CS4  - Change beginning TC registry on project




      I'm editing a project to PBS Redbook specs.


      I've created a new project with the default starting time code of the sequence 00:00;00:00


      I want to change the beginning TC registry for the project so it starts a 00:58:00;00 which would give me sufficient tail room for color bars, slate, countdown, PBS promo stuff etc. etc. to allow me to start the actual program at DF TC 01:01;05;00 per PBS specs....


      Searched postings...nothing obvious...so...


      How do I change the beginning TC for a sequence/project?





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          2kozmick Level 1

          Thanks for rapid reply Jim....


          Now that I have zero point...I want to create a duration of about 58min...In the project management panel, I now see the the sequence with a 'video in point' of 00;58;00;00 thank you very much.  In the 'video out point' registry I entered '01;56;00;00' which correctly calculates the 'video duration' at '00;58;00;00'...ah but here's the rub when I try to scrub...scrubbing the timeline I am only able to see as far out as about 10min...even when I zoom out to maximum.


          In the Timeline/Sequence panel TC registry, if I enter a TC value of anything greater than the 10min. it does not find it, but stays at the present location with no message(error or other wise)......any value less than 10min and it goes right to it...


          I want to be able to set numbered markers on the timeline for the beginning program IN (marker #1 @01;01;05;00) and ending program OUT (marker #2 @ 01;56;46;00) so that I can jump from beginning marker to end marker etc.  and edit from either the front or the end of program toward in the middle...


          Any way to increase the resolution of the timeline to say 60+ minutes to accomplish this?


          Thanks again.



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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I assume you're getting this because the timeline is empty.  Is there a better option in CS4 (or CS3 as I have) than:


            create a clip (e.g. bars or whatever) with a duration the total amount (e.g. 1 hour).  Put on timeline.  now you can zoom to the whole line.  Add one little clip at the end if you want to get rid of that place holder.  Now you can put in markers.


            I've never done anything where I didn't have something to rough in with that stretched the working timeline out as I went.

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              shooternz Level 6

              I am not sure how you are delivering your program to the Broadcaster but I assume it will be on tape (and not a file).


              If so...you do  not need to edit on a time line that reflects the broadcaster specification (ie Program start at 01:00:00:00 with preceding material 1min;30 sec  ahead).


              Their spec just requires the tape to be striped in that manner and for you to INSERT EDIT your program at that point.

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                2kozmick Level 1

                Yes, that works...Brilliant...an excellent work around...merci beaucoupe...





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                  2kozmick Level 1

                  Quite true 'shooternz'...but for me, 'tis much more intuitive to replicate the timecode specs on the timeline so that I don't need to translate the relative TC markers...PBS can be rather grouchy...and anal...


                  The work -round that Stan posted accomplishes this very nicely...worth remembering...but thank for your input...