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    Illustrator crashes on open or create new file


      Illustrator CS4 (on Mac 10.5.8) crashes every time I try to create a new file or open an existing AI file.


      I've read a number of threads on here, related to similar problems, and did the following (in this order):


      • deleted the font cache  --> didn't help
      • resolved duplicate fonts  --> didn't help
      • deleted the Illustrator preferences folder/files  --> didn't help
      • created a new user account and opened Illustrator  --> Illustrator WORKS


      Illustrator seems to work just fine in the new user account I created, yay!  But, I want it to work in my user account.


      Are there preferences, settings, files, applications I need to check to resolve the issue in my account?  Any particular place I should start?


      Thanks for any feedback!