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    Missing HTM

      I'm working with RH X5 on a RH project which I've been updating over the last two years.

      It's been renamed at least once. Issue is that no matter how I generate or re-generate the WebHelp layout, RH fails to create the corresponding "htm" file for the start page. I've even selected empty output folders; when finished all the files have been created in it except for the specified "start-page.htm" file. I've tried renaming the start-page htm file, still missing.

      Any thoughts? Thanks...
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi In-doubt and welcome to the RH coomunity.
          If you have renamed a project, the name of the start topic does not get renamed with it. Therefore I suspect the start page is being generated but you are looking for the wrong file name. If you look in your webhelp single source layout you will see the start file name there.
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            In-doubt Level 1
            Thanks for the welcome and the reply.

            When I generate the WebHelp layout, the start file name & output folder location are displayed. When the process completes I go to the output folder and just can't locate my missing start file. In fact, when the layout generation process is done and I get the "View Results" option - I click on it and nothing happens.

            I've even done a file search looking for the named start file and have come up empty.

            But I don't have this problem when generating a HTML Help layout and it's "CHM" file. And the WebHelp Pro layout seems to be ok too. My problem seems confined to the WebHelp layout, just the one I need. (Murphy's law.)
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Are you generating to your hard disk? Try that.

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                In-doubt Level 1
                Yep. I've tried generating to my C: drive (several different folders), and also to a network drive. Same negative result. It's frustrating.
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi all

                  Perhaps try defining a new Single Source Layout?

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    In-doubt Level 1
                    One note of interest. I have located an early copy of the project, in an "archive folder", that does have the "missing" start-page htm.
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                      MergeThis Level 4
                      In the top panel of the very first window in the Generate process (labeled "Select Output Folder and Start Page"), verify that the Output Folder path is correct. It probably isn't.

                      Good luck,
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                        Did you ever resolve your problem with the missing html file. I am running same version and having the exact same problem.
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                          Lpitt569345 Level 1
                          I figured out the problem. I was logged in without Administrative Rights. As soon as a logged in as Admin I was able to publish my start page and my navigation bar showed up in the left pane again.
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                            HKabaker Level 2

                            It sounds like you may have more problems lying ahead unless you have taken these steps:

                            1. Decide which login ID you will use on a regular basis when working in RH.
                            2. Make sure that, say, MyID has admin rights on the PC.
                            3. Install RH while logged in as MyID.
                            4. Keep using MyID whenever you use RH to edit, generate and publish a project.