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    Would like to create many png files of math equations quickly


      Hi all,


      I am trying to create about 4608 jpg or gif images of math equations.


      I have created an excel speadsheet of the equations, such as "24 + 24 = 48".


      I want to format the above equation as:


      "24 + 24 ="

      "... 48"


      with both lines centered on a 660 x 440 canvas with color #CC0000.


      I would like to make the font Comic Sans MS in size 96, and have each text box centered within the canvas. I would like the option of varying the font to Arial, if desired.


      I have been creating these images one at a time :-(, and it is very time consuming.


      Is there any way I can import the spreadsheet or text file which has the equations on them, and quickly save the files named as the equation itself?


      I have attached an example of what I am looking for.


      Thanks for your time.


      Diana M.