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    Importing m2ts files but having problems with the audio layer


      Hi all, I'm new to the whole video editing side of things and so would appreciate some help.


      I've just bought myself a Canon HF200 HD camcorder, and a Sony Vaio notebook which came with Premiere Elements 7.0 pre-installed.


      For the last month I've been shooting footage, and just getting down to trying to edit everything and put a DVD together.


      The problem I have at the moment (and I've just started using the program, so everything is new to me) is that while I seem to be able to import the m2ts file format that my Canon records, only the video is imported into Premiere - not the audio.


      I can play all my videos in Windows Media Player just fine, with both video and audio.  So it seems my machine is able to read the files correctly in this program.  However, the audio seems to drop out when I import the file into Premiere.  The program was pre-installed in my machine, and when I go in to have a look at the audio settings, there doesn't seem to be an ability to change the settings to something different.


      So far I've spent a long time googling and trying to find a solution, but with no joy just yet.


      Appreciate any assistance the anyone can offer.