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    XFA Variable in LiveCycle WorkBench ES


      I have a process where a dynamic PDF (created in designer) is required to flow in the process by creating a new xfa form variable which is mapped to the input pdf resourse. This pdf is changed at various points in the process by the users using the schema mappings in the execute service. Now, later in the process, i want to use a rights management service or a digital signature service at specific positions in the flow. But these services require the input to be a pdf file rather than an xfa variable. So, i m unable to use these services in between the process. While giving xfa form variable as input to those services, i get an error saying tat input form is not accepted. So I m stuck at this point in my process Design. Kindly help to resolve this issue.. thanx in advance..

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          You'll need to use a mix of xfaForm and DocumentForm variable for the different user steps. If you use a xfaForm variable you can only submit the data back. That works when you don't need the PDF.


          If you need to use Reader Extension or Rights Management, you will need to recreate a PDF from that data that you can pass to the next user step. You can put that PDF in a DocumentForm variable and the user will get it. You would need to use the Form service to create the PDF.


          If you need to get back to an xfaForm variable (and use the same data), you'll need to extract the data from the PDF and pass it as part of the xfaForm variable.


          It might be confusing to explain, but let's start from here and we'll go in more details in the area you're not clear.