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    display load progress of selected image


      Hi all,

      I have a small file browser, that allows to select an image from a local drive and then dipslay it. If I point the ProgressBar source to the FileReference object, it displays the load progress. The problem is, that if the image is very big, like 30MB, it takes about 15 seconds to display after the PorgressBar reaches 100%. Is there a way to show the progress of rendering time? Some sample code follows.




      // the image bound to the fileReference data<mx:Image id="myImage" source="{upFile.myData}" x="373" y="91" width="180" />
      // the progress bar bound to the fileReference
      <mx:ProgressBar x="289" y="292" id="myProgress" indeterminate="false" source="{upFile.fileRef}" visible="true"/>
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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          If you try to render 30MB of data, it will take a while.  I don't think it should take 15 seconds, but there certainly can be a delay.  The player will render that in one huge chunk and there is no way to get a screen update during that time.


          Your only option is to pre-process the data yourself so the player can render a smaller image at screen resolution.  You can break that up yourself using pseudo-threading.


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