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    Error accessing flash.net.Socket timeout property (Flex 3.3)

    James Walkup

      I want to set the timeout property.  All forms of syntax I've thus far tried elicit this error:


      Error: Access of possibly undefined property timeout through a reference with static type flash.net:Socket.


      Using the same syntax for other properties does not cause errors.  Has anyone successfully used the timeout property?



      mxmlc version is 3.3.0 build 4852.  I'm not certain what libraries the compiler is referencing, tho livedocs warrants that mxmlc will use the libs in the same SDK.  There are no environment vars that would lead it astray.


      Here's a sample that causes mxmlc to take umbrage.

      package {

      class TimeoutTest {

      import flash.net.Socket;

        import flash.events.SecurityErrorEvent;



        public function TimeoutTest() {

        var mySoc : Socket = new Socket();

        var thisIsFine : Boolean = mySoc.connected;

        var compilerError : uint = mySoc.timeout;