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    Exercises and source code

      I´m trying to do the exercise "Binding data and Handling a User Event"

      It says "1. Open AdobeODT.mxml in the AdobeODT project.."

      Maybe this is a silly question - but, is there any source code to download somewhere?

      If so, where? Cant find the link.

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          Building on what highlander_1 is asking: it would be helpful to have the source code for the exercises available for downloading. I like the current format for building the files: it helps us to understand how the various pieces fit together.

          However, even when we carefully construct these modules, it is possible to make errors that are not caught at compilation and very, very difficult to spot where we made the mistake.

          For example, I've done the exercise on Using XML with E4X and added the Search exercise. I even found a typo in step 41 were the var searchObjEvent is listed as "searObjEvent" (that through me off when errors were thrown at compilation), but I'm now getting an error when I try to run the search. I'm still digging into the code trying to figure out where I went wrong, but it would be good to have the correct code available should that search not yield results.
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            <Apology> - Looked closer and found what I was looking for! - </Apology>
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              SujitG Level 2
              Hi All,

              AdobeODT is the project is created in the first exercise (Creating a project and laying out controls). As Ward mentioned it will help you understand more when you actually do it :) I will take the feedback and pass it on to the concerned team. We will try to post the source code for the exercises.

              Thanks for the feedback.
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                Level 7
                The assets download for this exercise has a link right under the exercise.
                The file is called ex3_assets.zip .. I know ... some names appear to have
                changed along the way.


                "BearsChoice" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message
                > Hi,
                > I got to the bit where it says:
                > Populating a Control from an HTTPService Request
                > Create an assets folder
                > 1. Unzip the adobeODTAssets.zip...
                > ...and I'm still looking for it. Lovely product, good tutorials and I'm
                > happy
                > doing stuff myself but I'm unimpressed by the absence of downloads that I
                > need
                > to make things work. Also, when do we get the rest of the week?
                > Cheers
                > Neill