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    AutoCad images - Pagemaker to PDF

    Neil Geddes

      I have had a lot of trouble getting autocad images pasted into my pagemaker document. I have now managed this, although the image is only visable when I print of the file on my AO/A1 printer, it doesn't show when I print ot off on my A4/A3 printer, any ideas? is it just a printer setting coz I cant see anything obvious?


      The image also does not show up when I create a PDF of the pagemaker document, which I have to do to circulate the document to collegues.


      I hope someone can help coz barely anyone at my work has even heard of pagemaker and im begining to wish I hadn't either!


      Thanks again



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          Were did you get Pagemaker?


          Nobody has heard of it because its so old. The pagelayout application that is current is InDesign you should really consider upgrading to it. If it is your job to do design you also need the accompanying tools, Illustrator and Photoshop. You can get all of these in the Standard Creative Suite.


          Those of us trying to help you stopped using Pagemaker 8 to 10 years ago. The only thing I use it for is to help people convert old files.


          Do yourself a favor Quit pulling your hair out and move into the 21st century.

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            Neil Geddes Level 1

            Fair enough, I will look into upgrading the system. I have only been working with pagemaker for a few months, and up until now all that has been required is to change a bit of text etc and print off, create a PDF and email to collegues, which has been (relatively) simple so pagemaker was still good enough for my purposes. However, I now have to change the image of the companies boat on the document, this is where the problems started.


            I take it you can access and alter pagemaker files in InDesign then?

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              InDesign opens PM6, 6.5, and 7 files.


              InDesigns Text engine is completely different so long documents with flowing text will need a lot of work.

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                Jay Chevako Level 3

                Indesign doesn't allow for the direct importation of Autcad files so you will still have problems with pagemaker files that have Autocad files placed, and lord Knows about the ones with Autocad files pasted in.


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                  This is why I suggested the Standard Creative suite. I would supply the tools needed to do this type of thing.