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    Mac OS Window Menu

      I'm seeing very erratic behaviour from the Mac OS default Window nativemenu.

      To keep the best user experience, I have an AIR app start with a hidden window, which immediately opens another application window. This is the main user interface. The hidden window creates the application menus, and adds an entry to the Window menu. Whilst the main user interface window is open the entry on the Window menu works perfectly (ie. it triggers events), but once it is closed, the entry no longer triggers events - in fact no item on the Window menu does. This entry on the Window menu is intended to open the main user interface window if closed, or reactivate it if not in focus - good UI practice I imagine.

      If I add the menu entry to the File menu however (not a default menu in my solution) the events correctly occur, so I guess the work around is to create my own Window menu, which I'll try - I wanted to notify Adobe of this issue.