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    Synchronize TOC with context sensitive HMTL Help

    dyhw Level 1
      I am new to RoboHelp and HTML Help, so please bear with me...

      1. I am using context sensitive help using MS HMTL Help format and have linked htmlhelp chm file to my windows XP application.

      When I click on my help button to bring up mapped help file, the correct mapped content appears, but the TOC is not expanded nor synchronize to the mapped topic.

      How do I get the TOC synchronized?

      (I noticed that WinHelp has synchronize TOC option, but not HMTL Help options. I already have "Always show selection" option selected in HTML Help options too.)

      2. I imported a Word (Windows XP) doc to create my robohelp project.

      When I edit my word doc and re-import it, the topics are duplicated in the TOC.

      How do I fix this or prevent this from happening? (Other than delete the old project and re-import updated word document since I would have to remap all the IDs again.)

      Thank you for your help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Donna

          Hoping you are using RoboHelp HTML here.

          Edit the properties of your Microsoft HTML Help layout. Click the Edit... button to the right of the "Advanced Settings". Click the TOC Styles tab and make the following changes:

          * Enable the Always Show Selection

          Dismiss the dialog and open the Project Setup pod. Edit the Window properties for the .CHM. Note that you may actually need to define a window. If you see a window icon with a globe in it, that's a WebHelp window definition.

          So you edit the Window properties and ensure the "Auto-synchronize TOC" option is configured.

          After that, simply compile the .CHM and ensure the window is defined as the default!

          Cheers... Rick
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            dyhw Level 1
            Hi Rick:

            Thank you for your reply. Your suggestions worked perfectly.